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Do you have difficulty handling stress? Do you experience feeling of anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia or weight problems? Perhaps you have blood sugar concerns or a menopausal crisis? We can help.

Our intent is to provide essential information on your physiology, to enrich your mind and body for better stress management. We can help you with education, training and coaching on lifestyle issues to prevent and correct imbalances in your physiology.

We can help you to understand the underlying reasons for your permanent stress and give you many integrative, holistic techniques to help you manage and reduce the symptoms we have mentioned: anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression and sudden mood or weight changes. These symptoms are sometimes not correlated with medical tests and doctors cannot identify these problems in these case. However, the reality is that there are some subtle imbalances in our physiology, which can only be corrected with an integrative approach.

Among the conditions our stress management coaching and lifestyle advice can help are:

– diabetes
– hypoglycemia
– adrenal and thyroid insufficiency
– sex hormone imbalances
– menopause related problems
– allergies and sensitivities
– ADD and ADHD
– other chronic conditions and diseases, where stress response management is especially important.

Stress is the main cause of health problems, difficulty in relationships, lack of energy, and low productivity. Our free webinar will help you to learn about the triggers of stress in our lives and the impact of stress on our mind and body. Sometimes the underlying reasons for stress are unbalanced physiology, toxicity of the environment, infections, and others.

You will be able to identify most of the triggers of stress in our lives, understand the impact of the stress response on our physiology, not only our mind, but our body, our mood, sleep, energy, weight problems, habits and overall health.Home Page

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