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We all would like to live stress-free. Stress Management Experts empowers you to make lifestyle choices that lead to good health and happiness.
Our team takes a mind/body approach  and coaches you to reduce stress, increase energy, and develop long-term healthful habits.  We are wellness partners who can guide you to manage holistically the stress brought on by chronic disease and the demands of everyday life. It is a great joy to share such deep knowledge of integrative wellness through Ayurveda, nutrition, meditation and alternative medicine.  We would like to bring it to more people for better health, longevity and a blissful life.
Stress Management Experts gets to the root cause of the condition or challenge that’s keeping you from living your best life. Our partnership with licensed physicians and healthcare practitioners provides you with a network of health and wellness professionals dedicated to your well-being.

We are located in Arlington, VA, near Washington DC. We accept clients by appointment and we can have coaching sessions on-line or by phone. The regular Ayurveda consultation fee is $250 and follow up coaching sessions are $70 (optional). These are directed towards changes in lifestyle and healthy food choices for your individual type of physiology.

First time consultation will take at least 2 hours and follow up coaching sessions will take 30-60 minutes. Coaching is important to understand the value of wellness recommendations and to support gradual improvement of your well-being.

We have wellness and coaching packages for individuals and companies. Please, contact us for more information.

We work in cooperation with stress specialists who can help with:


– meditation teaching

-fitness and yoga therapy

-physiology counseling

– massage therapy

– relationship specialists

– life coaching

– healing retreats, saunas and spa groups.

Keep in mind that not all of type  therapies are beneficial because they are often based on the wrong approach to ancient knowledge and can even cause harm if not applied correctly. Our approach based on  latest information from best doctors  about natural safe healing. If you have more serious problems we can give you referral to medical doctors who specialize in medicine with an integrative approach.

Please, contact us directly infoims@att.net

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