First package COACHING MEMBERSHIP is a permanent membership for people who would like to reduce the stress response in their life systematically, slowly and gradually through education and practical information from many experts in the field of wellness, nutrition, fitness, psychology, integrative doctors and alternative therapy practitioners. We will share their articles, interviews, videos, recipes, etc. Our own education and expertise in Ayurveda, meditation and nutrition helps to integrate Western science and experience with ancient knowledge of the East.

You will receive articles, tips and guidance in regard of many stress related health concerns, underlining causes of some chronic conditions and diseases, best wellness routine and eating habits. You will be able to identify your type of physiology and mind and learn how to make better choices for food and lifestyle.  The difference between people is huge, so we will individualize your choices.

Also, you will be able to cope better with emotional stress and to have a community of people who will understand you and support you through our Facebook page. You will have education combined with fun and inspiration and you will be able to share your experience, thoughts and tips with other people.


Coaching membership will help you to create a structure on your way to health, wellness and stress-free life. It will keep you accountable so you would not give up or forget about yourself and your needs due to a busy life and stress. You will  review  your progress from time to time and you will be recording your success in your journal.

We will cover such topics as yoga, music therapy, meditation, breathing, right eating, cooking and daily massage, essential oil therapies, natural food based supplements and aromas to correct imbalances and detoxify physiology.

All types of stress will be explained in detail and you will receive recommendations how to eliminate them from your environment or body in a safe and easy way.

Spiritual aspect of life is very important, but still most people don`t know about that or they believe it is only about religion. You will be able to understand what is it better, implement more elements of it and make it simple in our life to live according to our spirit and law of nature.


The cost of membership is only $1 a week and $4 a month, which makes the total cost only $48 a year!  You can cancel it any time if you wish. We really want you to have access to this important information and TAKE STRESS OUT OF YOUR MIND. We see it as our mission not only work and we are thrilled to offer you this affordable way to get total holistic stress management coaching at this time.

Ayurveda is not a medicine and does not require medical tests and treatments.

You can`t spent much money to tests and treatments?

No need to do that with ancient science of Ayurveda and balancing nutrition!

We will provide you with quizzes and questionnaires that can help to identify certain problems.