The second package is GROUP COACHING   for people who would like to start to learn right now. If you want to receive result more faster or you would like to have possibility having sessions with the Questions and Answers about your issues you can choose this type of coaching. It will include COACHING MEMBERSHIP plus 5 classes about specific topics:

General stress response management explained in details. Information about different types of physiology and quiz for identification of your type, investigation of stress triggers in modern society and recommendations for stress reductions.

Anxiety, worry, and addictions: causes and management with Ayurveda and other natural techniques.

Insomnia: causes and improvement of sleep through balanced food choices and lifestyle.

Fatigue- chronic condition or disease of modern time: why and what to do.

  Depression from the point of the fundamental science of life, nutrition and  alternative therapies. Weight problems and how to reduce obesity withAyurveda and nutrition.



Group coaching costs $195, however if you will sign up for it during 24 hours you will pay only $150. It is a special price for these classes. So please, act faster and then sit back and enjoy our classes. We give full guarantee if in 2 weeks after beginning of coaching you do not feel satisfaction, we will refund your money back.