PERSONAL COACHING is offered for people who would like to have all the above and additional 5 sessions one to one. It will give possibility to individualize your coaching according to your specific level of stress response and your type of physiology. Most people are not able to implement good recommendations due to different obstacles: intolerance, allergies, time, physical restrictions or mind state.

They may not be able to follow up with the group recommendations in time and would like to have more support and research. We can conduct personalized research on your stress triggers and recommend you how to eliminate them with your individual requirements.  These coaching sessions could be done by phone, on-line (emails or Skype) or in person.

This package will take additional time and personal sessions will be conducted at any time convenient for you. Therefore, the regular price of this type of coaching is $1485. At this time we offer only $998 US Dollars for this package. Please, make RSV during 24 hours to receive such discount.

Again, we give full guarantee if in 2 weeks after beginning of coaching you do not feel satisfaction we will refund your money back. Please, remember the seats for group and personal coaching are limited and you can enroll based on the first come, first served base.