Change your mind – change your life.


change your mind

Change your mind – change your life.

Everybody experiences some mental imbalances in their life in the form of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, worry, irritability, anger, depression, lethargy or panic. However, when we experience them too often or permanently it could be the sign of serious imbalances in the mental and physiological level and even disease, which should be addressed. At the beginning, one can cope with such problems with stimulants, drugs or food, but this is not the solution and it is not removing the root cause of the problem. Ayurveda addresses the root causes of all problems including mental and help to eliminate them in a natural way. Pulse reading helps to identify the causative reasons for symptoms and research can help to find more details. The first thing to change the root problem is our lifestyle and daily routine.

If detected early all imbalances could be corrected by food supplements, lifestyle changes and better food choices. There are excellent supplements related to stress and mental imbalances produced by Maharishi Ayurveda Product International Company. All products from this company are made with ISO 9001 – European standards of quality government certified and organic. They are a mixture of many ingredients to ensure product safety. The reason that supplements should be in the mix is that, intake of only one herb for a long time can create another imbalance and even cause side effects. In this case you should always contact health practitioner to get advice for proper correction of imbalances.

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Stress Free Emotions 

• Improves coordination of mind and emotions
• Supports emotional stability
• Enhances resistance to emotional stress
• Safe, effective, premium-grade, full potency herbs
• ISO 9001 certified production facility

• Product Description
• Promote long-term emotional health. Diet, daily habits and ongoing stress are key factors that can contribute to imbalances in mind and body, leading to feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and physical fatigue. Stress Free Emotions support natural resistance to emotional stress and fatigue. This powerful formula promotes self-confidence, positive thinking and feelings of fulfillment by balancing the factors that govern emotional health. It naturally nourishes both the mind and heart to help you remain fresh, alert, lighthearted, happy and it also helps uplift your emotions for a renewed feeling of well-being and greater energy.

Stress Free Mind

• To support natural resistance to daily mental stress and fatigue
• Enhances learning, retention and long-term memory
• Increases mental energy and supports mental resistance to stress
• Safe, effective, premium-grade, full potency herbs
• ISO 9001 certified production facility

Product Description
Stay strong and composed. Mental stress is a fact of life for many of us. Financial troubles, job pressures, deadlines and roller-coaster days can crowd in disturbing mental peace and stability. If your mind feels like a choppy ocean try Stress Free Mind to transform it into a still deep peaceful lake. Stress Free Mind supports natural resistance to daily mental stress and fatigue. These potent blends of Ayurveda herbs nourish and support the immune system which is often taxed by everyday mental stress. Worry fades as you feel more composed and alert. Your mind will be strong, clear and steady with the Stress Free Mind no matter what kind of challenges the day bring.

Stress Free Body

• To support natural resistance to physical stress and fatigue
• Enhances cell renewal
• Supports resistance to physical stress
• Increases energy
• Safe, effective, premium-grade, full potency herbs. ISO 9001 certified production facility

Product Description
Feel revitalized and full of life! According to Ayurveda fatigue actually begins at the cellular level. When cells wear out your body replaces them with fresh new ones. An accumulation of toxins creating fatigue in the body can slow this process down. Your body with the help of herbal tablets and Stress Free Body will be able to generate the boundless energy. This formula includes herbs nourishing to both mind and body helping to enhance the digestive fire improvement the assimilation of nutrients and aiding your ability to withstand stress. The formula also keeps the microcirculatory channels clear of toxins. Feel renewed Stress Free Body.

Worry Free

Size: 1000 mg, 60 Herbal Tablets
• Feelings of unease or anxiousness
• Experiencing and recovering from trauma – emotional and physical
• Worry and emotional turmoil
• Contributing to clarity of mind
• Helping to reduce irritability and promoting deeper sleep

Product Description
Size: 1000 mg, 60 Herbal Tablets
Worry Free helps with the challenges of modern life. It simultaneously calms the nervous system while supporting mental clarity. It helps support a healthy emotional response – vital for your health and peace of mind.

Fatique Free

• Promotes overall vitality and longevity
• Supports cell nutrients and aids creativity

Product Description
According to Ayurveda persistent fatigue begins deep within the body. This formula combines potent Ayurveda herbs to help renew the flow of energy by cleansing the pathways that bring nutrients to every cell organ and tissue. Creates clarity of mind and mental alertness.

Mind Flex

• Promotes mental and emotional stability
• Aids learning, retention and recall
• Supports mental flexibility under day-to-day stress
• Rejuvenates brain cells

Product Description
When the pressure keeps piling on it’s time to do something about it. With Mind Flex you will find it easier to prioritize meet your obligations and take care of yourself.

Youthful Mind

• To help promote mental clarity
• To help improve resilience to the effects of mental stress
• Nutritional support for the mind, especially those factors associated with the natural aging process
• Safe, effective, premium-grade, full potency herbs
• ISO 9001 certified production facility

Product Description
Nourish your mind for enhanced clarity. Mental ability can tend to deteriorate with age. Ayurveda describes three types of mental ability–learning, retention and recall. For peak mental performance not only do these three aspects need to be individually strong, they also need to work together in a harmonized manner. Youthful Mind is a precise combination of just four powerful herbs that helps rejuvenate the mind and helps get rid of toxins that tend to cloud mental functioning. No matter what your age, you can keep your mind strong and clear with Youthful Mind.


The information in the article should not be considered as medical advice. It is not meant to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any ailment, or prescribe any medication or supplement. Always check with your physician before taking any products or following any advice you have read.

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