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34 LESSON 2 15. a. Huan 'o cendad g Mali:ya. b. Huan 'o g Mali:ya cendad. c. Mali:ya 'o cendad g Huan. John is/was kissing Mary. 16. a. 'Uwi 'O ha-kegcid g mimsa. b. Ha-kegcid 'o g mimsa g 'uwi. c. 'Uwi 'o g mimsa ha-kegcid. The woman is/was cleaning the tables. 17. a. Mimstol 'o ha-huhu'id g gogs. b. Gogs 'o g mimstol ha-huhu'id. c. Ha-huhu'id 'o g mimstol g gogs. The dog is/was chasing the cats. Note that only a plural object of the verb causes ha- to be added to the verb. A plural subject in a sentence does not cause ha- to be added to the verb.

A. Mali:ya 'o ha-wapkon g mamgina 'em-we:hejed. b. Mali:ya 'o g mamgina ha-wapkon 'em-we:hejed. c. 'Em-we:hejed 'o ha-wapkon g mamgina g Mali:ya. Mary is/was washing cars for you (pl). 38. a. b. c. d. A:ni 'an ha-mamk g mimsa. Ha-mamk 'an ('a:ni) g mimsa. Mimsa 'an (a:fii) ha-mamk. A:ni 'an g mimsa ha-mamk. I am/was giving them the tables. ) EXERCISES A. Translate the following examples into English: 1. a. No g 'ali m-kudut? b. Heu'u, n-kudut 'o g 'ali. c. Pi'a, pi 'o n-kudut g 'ali. 2. a. No 'em-kudut hegai gogs?

Christina is /was walking 'Amai 'o 'oimed g Klisti:na. J around over there Husi 'o 'anai ke:k ki: hugidan. Joe is/was standing 'Anai 'o ke:k g Husi ki: hugidan. over there next to the house. 26. a. 'A'al 'o 'i:ma cicwi n-we:big. 1 The children are/were b. 'I:ma 'o cicwi ii-we:big g 'a'al. J playing behind me. 27. a. Hegam 'o gadhu dadhâ ki: eda. 1 They are/were sitting b. Gadhu 'o dadhâ ki: eda hegam. J in the house. In most cases the shorter form of the locative can be substituted for the longer form.

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