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By Gisbert Schneider, Sung-Sau So

A short historical past of drug layout awarded to clarify that there are models during this vital box and they swap particularly speedily. this is often due partially to the truth that the way in which new paradigm is accredited in a drug corporation frequently doesn't depend upon its clinical advantage by myself.

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The optimization task is to adjust the free variables of the system in such a way that the network computes the desired output values. 8 (here, N is the number of data points (“patterns”) in the training set): Eq. 8 This error function is a special case of a general error function called the Minkowski-R error (Eq. 9): Eq. 9 where yk is the actual network output, tk is the desired (target) output vector, x is the input vector, and w is the weight vector. The summation over k will be omitted if only a single output neuron is used.

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