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By J. A. Callow

This quantity of Advances in Botanical examine incorporating Advances in Plant Pathology comprises 5 experiences on numerous subject matters together with: * Foliar Endophytes and Their Interactions with Host crops, with particular connection with the Gymnospermae * vegetation looking for solar * The Mechanics of Root Anchorage * Molecular Genetics of Sulphate Assimilation * Pathogenecity, Host-specificity, and inhabitants Biology of Taesia spp, Causal brokers of Eyespot ailment of Cereals

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F. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA TAMPA, FLORIDA Page vi Issues in Academic Ethics Academic life generates a variety of moral issues. These may be faced by students, staff, administrators, or trustees but most often revolve around the rights and responsibilities of the faculty. In my book Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia (Rowman & Littlefield), published in 1986 and revised in 1994, I set out to enumerate, explain, and emphasize the most fundamental of these professional obligations. To do justice to the complexities of academic ethics, however, requires the work of many scholars focused on numerous areas of investigation.

For example, the movie The Conqueror (1954) was filmed in a windy, dusty canyon near St. George, Utah. No testing took place in this canyon, but the location was downwind from the Nevada test site. "14 Scientific Research, Harm, and Free Informed Consent Just as research products may hurt selected groups of personssuch as the cast of The Conquerorso also research processes tend to harm those already socially disadvantaged. 15 As the example of Nevada victims of nuclear-weapons tests showed, research can threaten the welfare of thousands of people who may have no idea that their lives are at risk.

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