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Glass is still a cloth of serious clinical and technological curiosity; in spite of the fact that, the commercial pressures at the glass undefined, the emphasis on international markets, and the global awareness to power and environmental conservation proceed to extend. Forty-seven papers provide new ideas to the demanding situations of glass production, really as they pertain to melting and forming.Content:

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Sho Kobayashi from Praxair Inc. on the studies of helium-supported fining processes. G. Philips Displays, is also gratefully acklowledged for its contribution to this paper. NOMENCLATURE Cgi = concentration of dissolved gas i in melt (mole/m3) Cü= concentration of gas i in the melt in equilibrium with the vapor pressure of gas i in the bubble (mole/m3) = Li 'Pbi, CSi = concentration of the gas i in the glass melt (mole/m3) Di = diffusion coefficient of gas i in the molten glass (m2/s) Dc,i = coefficient determining concentration profile of reactive gases in the melt [41] (m2/s) c = factor with a value between 2/9 and 1/3.

Chem. 11 (1985), 206-211. 8 C. Madivate, F. Müller and W. Wilsmann, Glastech. Ber. 69 (1996), 167178. 9 R. Conradt, Glastech. Ber. 63K (1990), 134-143. 10 R. Conradt, Z. Metallkunde 92 (2001), 1158-1162. n M . Lindig, in: HVG-Fortbildungskurs: „Wärmetransportprozesse bei der Herstellung und Formgebung von Glas", The German Society of Glass Technology, Offenbach 2002. 12 P. H. Hoffmann, S. S. Berry and B. Andresen, J. Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics 26 (2001), 73-83. 13 VDI-Wärmeatlas, A8-A17, Springer Verlag, Berlin 1997.

38 (1965) nr. 4, pp. H. Doremus: "Diffusion of oxygen from contracting bubbles in molten glass," J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 43 (1960), pp. 655-661 58 L. Nemec: "Diffusion-controlled dissolving water vapor bubbles in molten glass," Glass Technol. 10 (1969), pp. 176-181 Table I. 05 20K/min 1575 K 0 or 10 ml/min 1700 K lK/min 20K/min 2K/min Bubbling during 60 minutes Fining during 75 minutes secondary fining Table II. 36 % C0 2 in bubble 40-90 95 35-50 * >50% helium ** very low pressure Not analyzed Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass III Advances in Fusion and Processing ofGlass ΙΠ Edited by James R.

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