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American Indians within the U.S КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Greenhill Books Серия: The G.I. sequence - The Illustrated heritage of the yank Soldier Автор: John P. Langellier Название: American Indians within the U.S. defense force, 1866-1945 Язык: English Год издания: 2000 Количество страниц: seventy four ISBN: 1-85367-408-7 Формат: pdf Размер: 12.32 Мб eighty five

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1 0 (New York: Pantheon Books, 1 953-1 979) , 1 79-93. 21 C H A PT E R 2 TH E I N D IANS OF TH E A M E RI C A N I M A G I N AT I O N UNTIL THE OCCUPATION OF WOUNDED KNEE, American Indians were stereotype d in literature and by the media. They were either a villainous warlike group that lurked in the darkness thirsting for the bloo d of inno­ cent settlers or the calm, wise, dignified elder sitting on the mesa dispensing his wisdom in poetic aphorisms . Strangely, the malevolent image can be attributed to the movie caricature while the b enign image comes from anthologies, pageants, and the fervent wish by non-Indians to establish some personal sense of Jungian authentication .

T his phenomenon was triggered unexpectedly by Ruth Beebe Hill in a badly written novel entitled Hanta yo. Hill purported to "know" the Dakota language before missionaries had written it down and therefore ruined it. She claimed to have written a 1 , SaO-page book in this language, translated it from an early English dictionary in order to get authentic English sentence structure, and published it. Her informant was a strange Santee I ndian named Chucksa Yuha. Otherwise known as Lorenzo Blackmith, his personal history and claim to ancient knowledge was refuted by investigators at every turn.

Indttd, many p eople suspected that the incident was kept on the front pages so that the Watergate scandal, which was just breaking open, would not get national attention. In early May the Indians surrendered on the promise that the White House would send out a delegatio n to discuss the violations of the 1 868 Sioux treaty. In Ju n e representatives of the president did come to the reservation and hold talks with the traditional chief�, but nothing came of the discussions. In January 1 974, AIM leadership trials began in St.

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