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This is certainly the most straightforward explanation but some account must be taken of the logical point that, although release from PI provides good evidence of categorization, it is possible that categorizing activity may take place without this being reflected in release from PI. Amnesics might be characterized by less concordance than normals between encoding in memory and parameters determining proactive interference. It would then be possible to argue that this experimental result does not reflect impaired semantic encoding.

The possibility that these patients have storage defects but that patients with mammillothalamic lesions do not, cannot be completely ignored. A prior question however is whether any patients with a selective 'global' amnesia have storage defects. RETRIEVAL The radical hypothesis It has been suggested that retention failure can never conclusively be shown to result from an absence of stored information because some circumstance might always be found in which retention would be unimpaired (Weiskrantz, 1968).

Amnesics' deficit scores on recall are greater or less than those on recognition, depending on how recall and recognition are scored. g. by Weiskrantz, 1971; Gaffan, 1972, Warrington and Weiskrantz, 42 Experimental studies of the organic amnesic syndrome 1973). Here total correct on recall was simply compared with true positives minus false positives on recognition, and it was found that for the 8 controls the difference was significant but for the 4 amnesics it was not. The effect of small sample size in the non-significant result for amnesics is suggested by the fact that the proportionality of the scores was closely similar for the two groups.

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