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By Dan J. Stein

Anxiety and similar problems are universal stipulations that disproportionately impact ladies. during this booklet, the epidemiology, psychobiology, analysis, review, pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy of significant nervousness and similar problems are tested with distinct connection with the results of gender and intercourse on medical presentation and remedy. The stipulations thought of contain generalized anxiousness illness, obsessive-compulsive ailment, panic ailment, posttraumatic pressure disease and social nervousness illness. additionally, the administration of tension and comparable issues while pregnant and lactation are mentioned. concluding chapters in particular tackle anxiousness problems in ladies and in males, summarizing key issues for clinicians and researchers. The authors are top clinicians, together with either psychiatrists and psychologists, from round the globe.

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1998). Panic disorder is highly comorbid with other mental disorders, potentially in a gender-specific fashion. Women were reported to have higher rates of comorbid depression, dependent or histrionic personality disorders, and bulimia nervosa than men, while lower rates of cyclothymia, body dysmorphic disorder, depersonalization disorder, alcohol or substance abuse, and borderline and schizoid personality disorders were observed (Clayton et al. 2006; Barzega et al. 2001; Andrade et al. 1996). B.

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