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This should mean, 'something handed down from one generation to another'. A way of doing things is not traditional if one thinks it up for oneself. In what sense, therefore, can we say that the men who built these early factories were following a tradition? Well, in many cases (like all builders of their time, even the most extravagantly unfunctional ones) they used traditional materials, and availed themselves of traditional crafts. The other main traditional influence was stylistic; many of these builders tried to give aesthetic tone to their buildings (and succeeded remarkably well) by incorporating conventional Georgian details which they had learnt from the 'great architecture' of the preceding period.

This in no way establishes that the utterance 'Shut the door' is 'objective'. To say, of something that someone has said, that it is right, is tantamount to repeating it. * In the same way, the statement that it is wrong to say that an act is wrong is merely another way of negating or contradicting the statement that the act is wrong. But if so, then what happens to the premisses by which the objectivist sets so much store? We granted him, you remember, that if A says that an act is wrong and B says it isn't wrong, one of them must be wrong.

It is in this way that nearly all of us get to like alcohol. Most developed art is so complex and remote from what people like at the first experience, that it would be altogether impossible for new generations to get to enjoy the developed art of their time, or even that of earlier generations, without at least some initial dishonesty. Nevertheless, we also often rebel against the values of our elders. A young man may say, 'My parents think it matters enormously to go to church every Sunday; but I can't feel at all concerned about it'.

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