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The character of those depends on conditions. A volume of electrical energy might be discharged via a compound liquid and the results produced will be chemical, heating, and magnetic. The liquid will be decomposed ;it will be heated through the passage of the electrical energy ;and approximately it there will be a magnetic box. but when an analogous volume be discharged via a twine there may purely be results produced, the heating and the magnetic. A achieve, if an identical volume be at relaxation on a physique there'll be no facts of any of those results ;but it may be shewn that the physique is able to attracting to itself any gentle debris of topic, and of repelling different our bodies equally charged with electrical energy. This charged physique wouldn't be heated by means of the resident electrical energy; there will be no signal of any magnetic box in its neighbourhood ;and if the cost have been resident on a liquid there will be no chemical influence consequently. those are common proof and are summed up within the assertion that the phenomena of electrical energy in movement are various from these of electrical energy at relaxation upon our bodies. whilst a physique is charged with electrical energy it really is able to doing paintings it will probably allure gentle debris of topic or repel equally charged our bodies and it for that reason possesses strength as well as its gravitational strength. this extra power is electric strength and will depend on the volume of electrical energy and the possibility of the physique. P. Y.
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An idea of the Kelvin ammeter, or "ampere gauge," may be obtained from Fig. 8. A solenoid of thick bar copper $ is arranged with its axis vertical so that can attract an iron rod IR into it. This rod is mounted it with a swivel mount on one end of an aluminium balance beam B, and it is weighted with a weight so that it always W assumes a vertical position whatever the inclination of the beam may be. The beam can turn about a hook and at the opposite end to that at which the rod is mounted a counteris hung.

16. bottom and on this floats a paste of rnercurous sulphate and Above the paste there is a layer of saturated zinc sulphate. solution of zinc sulphate saturation being further ensured by some crystals of zinc sulphate which lie at the bottom of 42 APPLIED ELECTRICITY the liquid and on top of the paste. Above this solution is an air space and then the cell is sealed up with cork and marine glue. The pure zinc rod passes through the cork down to the middle of the mercurous and zinc sulphate paste.

The Tension voltmeter is not dead-beat, but an insulated High rod is arranged at the top marked in Fig. 19 by means at the base. D of which the movement of the needle can be arrested. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC VOLTMETERS. The electro-static voltmeters have an infinite resistance, and a current does not pass through them. S by measuring small currents electro-magnetic voltmeters and these are frequently sources of mystery to beginners in electrical measurements. Now a voltmeter should be direct reading Conditions of a good voltmeter.

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