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With his immense army, Darius continued his march across the plains of Assyria. In the meantime, Alexander had heard that Darius was encamped at Sochos, in Assyria, two days’ journey from Cilicia. He immediately held a council of war and all his generals and officers intreated him to lead them against the enemy. Alexander arrived at Issus, left his sick in that city, and marching his whole army through the pass, encamped near Myriandros, a Syrian city. Darius, having sent his treasure to Damascus, a city of Syria, marched in a westerly direction a short distance into Cilicia, then turned toward Issus.

Clovis set forth with the intent to conquer Syagrius, perhaps with the hope of mastering the whole of Gaul. The first objective he instantly achieved at the Battle of Soissons, in 486. The next step in his progress was his union with Clotilde, the Catholic daughter of Chilperic II, the Arian king of the Burgundians. This union of Clovis with Clotilde did what a union with no other woman in Europe could have done, bringing him within the great and growing influence of the orthodox Latin church. What the position of the Church was, between the Barbarians on the one side, and the Empire on the other, had been complicated by the establishment of the Visigoth and Burgundian kingdoms, whose rulers professed the Arian heresy.

The Carthaginians accepted the conditions dictated by Scipio, and peace was declared. (adapted from: The Battle Roll by E. Perce) After a design by Giulio Romano, Tapestry of the History of Scipio: the Battle of Zama, 1688-1689. Low-warp wool and silk tapestry, 435 x 740 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris. 45 Siege and Fall of Carthage (c. 149-146 BCE) But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life. (Sun Tzu, Ch. 12, 21) The Romans, jealous of the power of their rivals, commenced the third Punic war with the determination that it should end only with the total ruin and destruction of their beautiful city.

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