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Production was allocated between the three participants and a 1 55 new family of mm ammunition was developed for the FH-70. The FH-70 is typical of its design generation, being a large and rather heavy howitzer with a 39-calibre barrel. There is a large double-baffle muzzle brake and a vertical split trail sliding block breech. mounted on a complex carriage with an auxiliary power The ordnance is (APU) at the front to power the carnage over short distances and provide hydraulic power for services such as opening and closing the trail legs.

The main projectile fired by the D- 1 is a very effective FRAG-HE weighing 40 kg and containing nearly 6 kg of TNT, although many other types of projectile have been developed over the years, including screening smoke and an associated chemical projectile (filled with Lewisite) which has now been withdrawn. Other projectiles have included a special concrete-piercing shell for use against fortifications or urban targets and an anti-armour high explosive anti-tank (HEAT), also now withdrawn other than by Romania where a locally-designed fin-stabilised HEAT round is still being produced.

The KH178 pieces M546 still is one of the few artillery intended for use with the anti-personnel projectile which breaks open to release 8000 tiny flechettes with devastating results at both long and short ranges. A rare photograph Specification First of the 1 OS mm KH 178 Light Howitzer. 97 kg Depression/elevation: -5°/+65° Traverse: 45 5° Max range: HE m 43 155 mm KH179 Howitzer The South Korea Kia Machine Tool Company were involved in one of the first successful attempts to update the venerable American 155 mm Ml 14 towed howitzer, with their development programme commencing in 1979.

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