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By Craig Vandall Stevens

КнигаArtistry in Chip Carving - A Lyrical variety рассказывает о резьбе по дереву.

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Today, paper engineers create all kinds of intricate and amazing models from paper and card using paper levers and paper cams. For instance, paper pigs really can fly! Figure 1-14 shows a paper animation model that uses a crank to make the pig move. The wings are attached to the box top so that they flap as the pig moves up and down. This section gives you an overview of paper animations, including the types of creations you can make. Flip to Chapters 10 through 12 for more in-depth info. indd 17 1/16/09 5:16:52 PM 18 Part I: Introducing the Magic of Paper Engineering Automata through the ages Through the ages, automata makers have amazed people with their skills.

In this system, each size has half the area of the preceding size. The higher the number, the smaller the paper. Table 2-2 shows this comparison. 3 148 x 210 Letter size and A4 size are very close together, and A3 and ledger/tabloid size are almost equivalent. Unless otherwise stated, the sheets of paper I use in the projects in this book are A4 or letter size. Paper finishes When you begin shopping for paper (see the later section “Shopping Smart: Where to Find Paper and Embellishments”), you may be amazed at the selection.

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