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By Debbie Bliss

Eleven вязаных спицами моделей для детей.

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47. Lift out the top pan of the double boiler. 48. Over the newspaper-covered work area, pour the wax from the pan into the metal pouring can slowly and carefully. Slow and steady pouring is the key to this step, like pouring a cup of hot coffee or tea. Tilt the jug so the wax does not splash off the bottom and create air bubbles that might ruin the candle's finish. 49. Slowly pour the wax into the jars, resting the rim of the pouring jug on the jar for greater control. A steady pour in the center works well.

Using the first section of wick a~ a gauge, measure and cut a second segment of wick. 26. The candlewick needs to be "primed"-coated and saturated with wax-before it can be used in a candle. An unprimed wick will burn out extremely fast, much like a piece of cloth would. To prime the wick, grasp the top section of wick between your thumb and forefinger. Slowly submerge it in the hot wax for 30 seconds. Leave about an inch of wick above the surface of the wax so your fingers do not touch hot wax.

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