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By Eric Hobsbawm

Again in print, the groundbreaking vintage on robber-rebels from "the top identified dwelling historian on the planet" (The occasions [London]). First released in 1969, the now-classic Bandits encouraged an entire new box of ancient learn and taken its writer well known acclaim. Bandits go beyond the label of criminals; they're robbers and outlaws increased to the prestige of avengers and champions of social justice. a few, like Robin Hood, Rob Roy, and Jesse James, are recognized during the global, the stuff of tale and fantasy. Others, from Balkan haiduks and Indian dacoits to Brazilian congaceiros, are identified purely to their very own nations' humans. In his celebrated research of those interesting figures, now up-to-date with a brand new advent, Eric Hobsbawm, "one of the few really nice historians of our century," in accordance with the recent Republic, spans 400 years and 4 continents, atmosphere those people heroes opposed to the ballads, legends, and flicks they've got encouraged. the result's "a superb historic squib, fizzing with principles and weird tales" (The Guardian).

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