Download Beadworkers Guild Introduction to Beadwork Bracelets, The by Jill Devon, Liz Thornton, Gillian Lamb, Gavin Mist PDF

By Jill Devon, Liz Thornton, Gillian Lamb, Gavin Mist

Spiral sure, effortless to stick to directions.

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Chapstick or Burt's Bees) • liver of sulfur • 600 volt rubber splicing tape • removable masking tape • Aquaplast or similar thermoplastic • tool steel blanks • Delrin or similar plastic material for tools • several grits of sandpaper dedicated to use on steel • brass rod for chasing tools • wooden dowels for use as flatteners • heavy-duty sand bag • Plasticine • transfer, tracing, or carbon paper • nonferrous sheet metal, various gauges • baking soda Lorenzo Ghiberti The Gates of Paradise (detail) Baptistry of St.

The final surface should be equivalent to a 600-grit paper. Use tripoli or a steel polishing compound on a soft buff if a high shine is needed. This is a set of commercial chasing tools, fresh from the package. In this form they are likely to tear through the metal. Hammers Chasing Hammer A western-style chasing hammer has a uniquely shaped head with a disproportionately large striking surface. This allows chasers to keep their eyes on the working end of the punch without worrying about lining up the blow with the top of the tool.

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