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Bronze and copper clay must be fired inside a stainless steel container. The container sits on a kiln shelf and the stacked items must fit in the kiln. I recommend positioning the stainless steel container in the center of the kiln and elevating it on a low shelf so the heat remains as evenly distributed as possible on all sides of the container. 5 em , silver, bronze, and copper clay; kiln fired Photo by artist spatula A kiln spatula is specifically designed to retrieve hot items from the oven.

I place the sandpaper face up on my work surface and gently pull the clay over the paper. This method lets me apply the right amount of pressure on the piece of clay, rather than pushing too hard and breaking it. 6 em, silver clay, 22-karat gold Photo by George Post burnishing tool bench grinder Use this tool to polish or burnish a metal surface. When used with force, a burnisher can create a near-mirror finish. This tool works well to polish raised areas on textured surfaces. A bench grinder is one of my favorite tools by far.

After working the annealed metal, it will become hard again and the coloration that came from the initial annealing will change. The deep red color fades and the black is often hammered away. If you want the vibrant red to stay in the final piece, do all the hammering and texturing on the copper before heating it. Try hammering the dark backside (figure C) to achieve an antique look (figure D). , ~. f . " I "" ___" ~. " ·:'r~.. ' : ,': f ~' _ '. ~-- Firescaling Metal Techniques 43 • ,.

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