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By Jean Lyon

Explores the methods of monolingual language improvement in pre-school childrens. Following an summary of kid bilingualism, this ebook appears on the effect of the kid's kin atmosphere and the criteria which are expecting the language use of the kid.

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He and his wife also adopted a one person-one language strategy with their child, and by age four Hildergard too could communicate in the two languages (Leopold, 1949ab, 1954, originally published 1939). With both children their mother's language was stronger, at least initially. g. Saunders, 1982; Taeschner, 1983; Fantini, 1985). There are problems with all of these studies; they deal with special children. They are the children of linguists, or at least language-aware parents, and the parental relationships cannot be assumed to be unimportant in the development of a child's language.

Lastly the word is assigned to a semantic field, (Adam knew that a duck went with a swan and geese) and contrastive features are identified (Adam stopped using the word 'duck' to name swans). Adam's understanding of the concept had increased, and by this time, he was putting two words together (Barrett, 1985). Bloom's (1973) position was similar. She suggested that children can only put words together when they have a prior concept, some understanding of what they say. Thus cognition is a prerequisite for sentences.

Does not occur until after Stage V. , 1976). He defines Stage I as the 'single-element stage' when the child's utterance comprises a single word such as mama/ allgone/ tata/ doggie/. Although the child is clearly communicating, it is not possible to make grammatical claims at this stage. The child could be naming, commenting, requesting and so on. At Stage II the child is putting two words together, but that still doesn't make meaning precise. Allgone doggie/ while connecting the two concepts, could mean that the dog has gone, or that the child is telling the dog something else has gone.

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