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By Duncan Manley

This series of manuals addresses key matters resembling caliber, safeguard and reliability for these operating and coaching within the manufacture of biscuits, cookies and crackers. each one handbook presents a self-sufficient advisor to a key subject, filled with sensible suggestion on problem-solving and troubleshooting drawn from over 30 years within the industry.Chocolate Enrobing o Moulding o Sandwich Creaming o Icing o software of Jam o Marshmallow o Caramel o Troubleshooting TipsThis handbook describes what's all for secondary approaches of biscuits-the strategies used to augment biscuits once they were baked.

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The batch systems usually commence with block or pumped quantities of plasticised fat. Bulk handling of plasticised high dilatation fats needs to be critically controlled because the plasticity is easily lost if the temperature rises too high. _n Cream sandwiching 49 L P 50 Biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacturing manuals other ingredients are added the temperature of the whole must be lower than that required in the mixed cream. By a beating and blending action the mass is slowly warmed and there is incorporation of air.

Cocoa butter, in common with other fats, crystallises in up to five different forms. The commonest types of crystal are, in descending order of stability p (beta), p’ (beta prime) and a (alpha). If the fat is cooled rapidly all three types will be present, but with time both a and p’ types will change to the p allotrope. The change involves liberation of latent heat of crystallisation and a physical rearrangement. If cooling is carefully controlled, the desired gloss and hardness can be achieved by the formation of only the p form of crystals.

T h e mould sets are in the form of metal or plastic trays which are removable from a continuous chain that passes through chocolate depositing stations, a cooler, a de-moulding point and a return circuit that allows warming of the moulds before being refilled. The chocolate must be tempered but the exact procedures for filling the moulds with chocolate and biscuit vary. The simplest arrangement involves partial filling of the mould with chocolate, introducing the biscuit and then filling the rest of the mould and wiping off the excess chocolate.

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