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Here is Pike at his top! Masonry is permeated with robust symbolism-both verbal and pictorial-that arouses the psychological, religious, and highbrow lifetime of those that use them. This super fascinating learn, as soon as restricted to one hundred fifty copies, supplies the proper spelling of, and analyzes all of the ''significant words'' (pass phrases, etc.) in, the Scottish ceremony from the first via thirtieth levels inclusive. as well as being an etymological dictionary Pike explains WHY any given notice was once selected for a given measure thereby revealing THE HIDDEN SYMBOLISM of every observe. Illustrated and hugely steered!

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It will be seen that the proportion between the shaft of the columns and the height of the capital, is just about the same as that given in 1_Eings as to the columns of the Temple,1S to 5. In the second copy the height and diameter of the shafts are as 13 to 6, which makes the proportion of height 0 46 TZE BOOS OF TEE WORDS . and circumference of the shaft, as 28 to 16, or as 181 to 12 ; that of the columns of the Temple being 18 to 12 . The phallic character of the columns of the Temple is shown by the seed-vessels of the lotus, and by the Pomegranates, which, surmounting the upright shaft of that height and circumference, unite the symbols of the generative and productive organs and powers.

The Monad is extended, which generates Two . -Chaldht-an Oracles, Danrnsriu •s in Parmenides. The Egyptians esteemed the Sun to be the Demiourgos. --_~7, from Chmrcmon. The Sun s the emblem of the Divine Intelligence, when it emanates to produce . bacon in Hermes and bhirum, is the L g s of Plato, the TTisirlom. of Tesus, Son of Sirach, and Philo, the IT oed of St . John, the 11isdwa and Power of God mentioned by St. Paul. front Him ; to create. This is the language of Philander, in the Books of Hermes, Pimander bein ; the uurevealed Divine Intelligence, and conversing with Thoth, the Divine Wisdom manifested .

Heracles was the symbol of the Sun, and of the Power which the Egyptians venerated in that orb. 4) i-its, Most Potent Ring). ,,'ssi, Opusc. ii. 217 et seq. From the same root, some think, come the Greek word 0vpavo=, Heaven, and 0 urios, a Greek name of Zeus or Jupiter. -CIcIRO, Id3. iv. in Verrem, ch. 57. "In Horo vigorem Solis virzlem" : and the elder Hermes, or Thoth, was the most ancient of the Gods, and the head of all. The second Hermes was for excellence called Trismegistos, who was a great Adept in mysterious knowledge, and an interpreter of the wills of the Gods .

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