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By Ragnar Benson

Do you've gotten a weapon on your arsenal that would carry off tanks or a small military of adversarial humans? What you would like is a flamethrower. they're affordable; effortless to construct and retain; and use universal, reasonably cheap gas. A recipe for napalm is integrated. One whiff of the dragon"s breath will placed attackers at your mercy.

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The turret was dismountable and could bc travcrsed til rough a full circle both on the vehiclc and whcn dismounted. The chassis has a running gear based on that of the Panther, but extended to a wheelbase of 4,220 mm. 43 SII. 8 em KA3 SII. 43 SII. drawing number H-5kB 80451 dated 7 January 1943. 5 kg round 15,000 metres at a muzzle velocity of 600 m/sec. 43 L/54 was a high performance design which fired a sub-calibre round of 14 kg wcight at 1,175 m/scc. Rhcinmetall promiscd to complctc thcir first Vcrsuchs-Crille by I August 1943 if tlley reccived tile Panther componenlS by I April.

5 em Flakpanzenurm. In order to ensure that weapons were available in time for installation in an armoured turret, ""a PrJ 6 gave a contract to the firm of Dllrkoppwerke for two right-hand and two lefthand guns. 5 cm Flakpanzer. 5 cm guns: either two MG151/20 and one MG42, or two MG42 and one MG151/20, or two MG151/20 witholll an MG42. They were also to contact Wa Pmf 6 to find an existing mOlar lO drive the hydraulic traverse. The commander's cupola was to be similar to the commander's cupola on the Pal'Hher.

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