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By Mike Chappell

The clash in South Africa from 1899 to 1902 gave the British army institution cause to impact rapid reforms within the interval which the top of the hostilities. The humiliating defeats suffered by the hands of a relatively small variety of Boer citizen-soldiers within the starting months of the conflict confirmed up deficiencies in management, education and gear. In a spouse quantity to Men-at-Arms 107: British Infantry Equipments 1808-1908, Mike Chappel examines the interval from 1908-80 in a textual content complemented through a variety of illustrations together with 8 complete web page color plates via the writer himself.

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After firing the laser rangefinder at the target, the gunner read the digital result off the reticle and entered it into the system; the reading appeared on the semicircular dial at the top of the reticle, with the top gradations for the co-axial machine gun and the primary gradations at the bottom of the circle for the main gun; “22” indicates a range to target of 2,200m. If firing on a moving target, the gunner had to place the red laser circle over the target for a few seconds while tracking the target, which entered data about the amount of lead required.

The device at the end of the gun barrel is the Muzzle Reference System – an optical sensor that links to the fire-control computer to indicate the amount of barrel warp induced by thermal heating and other factors. The data is then automatically entered into the digital ballistic computer to determine the necessary aiming corrections. qxd:Layout 1 15/4/09 11:45 Page 37 could be done prior to the engagement to minimize the need for attention during combat. The gunner’s primary sight was configured for both a 3-power wide field of view for surveillance and target acquisition, and a 10-power narrow field of view for aiming.

Author) proper offsets. The gunner’s controls were operated using palm switches on the “Cadillac” grips which allowed him to turn the turret right or left, elevate or depress the main gun, and trigger the main gun or co-axial machine-gun. The loader was usually lowest in seniority. He armed the main gun on the instructions of the TC and had to be quite strong and agile as the rounds weighed more than 65lb each. The main ammunition stowage was in the turret bustle behind blast doors, with two 16-round racks on either side and one or two two-round ready racks at the extremities.

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