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Probiotics for prevention of oxalate stones



Oxalobacter Formigenes & Other Probiotics for Calcium Oxalate Stones Reduction

Manufactured by Standford Labs, distributed by La Renon ( India).

1 strip includes 10 capsules with:

Oxalobacter Formigenes – 700mln

Lactobacillus Acidophilus – 400mln

Lactobacillus Ramnosis – 300mln

Bifidobacterium Lactis – 300mln

FOS – 300 mg

Recommended dose – 2 caps a day.

Expiration July 2023

Oxalobacter formigenes

provided by wikipedia EN

Oxalobacter formigenes is an oxalate-degrading anaerobic bacterium that colonizes the large intestines of numerous vertebrates, including humans. O. formigenes and humans share a beneficial symbiosis.

The broad-spectrum quinolone antibiotics kill O. formigenes. If a person’s astrointestinal (GI) tract lacks this bacterium, and therefore lacks the primary source for the oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase enzyme, then the GI tract cannot degrade dietary oxalates which on digestion get absorbed easily and after some vitamin B6-modulated partial metabolical degradation in the body, is excreted in the kidney, where it precipitates with calcium to form calcium oxalate kidney stones.[1] [2] [3]


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