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Do you have your genome?

I advise you to check the data on genes rhttps://www.geneticlifehacks.com?aff=LisaDelated to the health of the heart and the cv system as a whole, and especially if there is a long history of cvs diseases in the family. For example, one of the most common defects in the genes responsible for methylation is the MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase enzyme) gene responsible for the folic acid cycle in the body (vitamin B9).

If vitamin B9 does not work enough and it must be supported by a diet, as advised by Dr. Lynch, a well–known specialist in genetics and nutrition, or with the help of supplements, but not with synthetic folic acid, which may even reduce natural vitamin B9.

This is especially important for heart health, since a lack of this vitamin can increase homocysteine, a risk factor for cvs diseases such as deterioration of the endothelium of the vascular walls and even stroke. Its deficiency can also cause migraines, anxiety, depression and hypothyroidism, as well as high levels of toxic metals arsenic and mercury since they do not detoxify normally, which damages DNA and mitochondria cells. Children who were born to parents with this gene can have autism or inborn defects.

Maintenance with folate and choline, which are involved in the process of methylation (detoxification at stage 3 in the body), is better done through a diet. Food rich in natural vitamin B9 is dark greens, legumes, lentils and liver of animals. Cancer and other diseases arise as a result of toxicity and in this case it can be high, which will lead to cancer. If the tumor is already there V vitamin B9 should not be taken as it can stimulate cell growth!

There are many genes like this and everything may not be very perfect. You need to check them as I have already advised to prevent problems. You can upload your genes to this site and get information about what can be done for your problem. Where to get your genome? If you have ever done a genetic test, then request your full genome or raw DNA data from the company. For example, many people have checked genes about their genealogy in the company 23&me. And if you haven’t done it yet, you can do it now. See the link below