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Stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, depression and addiction coaching services.

We provide all types of services: in person or over the phone or online consultations and coaching.

Everybody experiences some symptoms of stress response in the form of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, worry, irritability, anger, and low mood.
However, when we experience them too often or permanently it could be the sign of serious imbalances in the mental and physiological level and even disease, which should be addressed. At the beginning, one can cope with such problems with stimulants, drugs or food, but this is not solution and it is not removing the root cause of the problem.


Ayurveda, nutrition and naturopathy address the root causes of all problems including mental and helps to correct them in a natural way. This coaching can help to support those who have such symptoms on early stages or to those who have permanent stress due to certain conditions. . It is not medical treatment but support for those who have such problems or would like to prevent them in the future.

Our coaching include: General health and wellness recommendations for all types of mind and body. Purification diets and detoxification procedures. Lifestyle, nutrition and daily routine establishing and correction.

Only $48 each program for one year of membership! This price will change so act fast. Money back guaranteed, no need to worry.


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