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  • Our knowledge of nutrition and naturopathy helps to compliment and
    enrich holistic approach. It helps to eliminate many deficiencies that
    created by chronic illness and it will help when people can`t tolerate
    herbs or berries in our supplements. Naturopathy is able to adjust our
    modern lifestyle to basic needs of our mind and body that we can life
    without much strain naturally supported by all forces of nature. Our
    mindset is changing when we life according to Law of Nature and life
    becoming easier and more enjoyable.

Good nutrition is a quality
of the food itself. Nutrition is food that our bodies need to consume
daily for our bodies to function optimally. This includes complex
carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fiber. We need these foods in a
balanced quantity and from the clean sources.
As a general guide,
balanced nutrition for the day should comprise of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats and water. Proper nutrition should also consist of

vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Balanced nutrition
is critical at all stages of life. From a young age, nutrition is
crucial for growth and development. As a person gets older, proper
nutrition is required for energy, detoxification, and antiaging.
Nutrition improves the immune system, helps build muscle, assists in
weight loss, and enhances vitality.
Deficiency in one or more
nutrients, vitamins or minerals can be devastating for our mind and
body. For example, most people knows that humans can`t produce vitamin C
in the body as it should be obtained from our food. If we don`t have
such food or if we don`t supplement with vitamin C we will suffer from
scurvy and other health problems.