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Immune System Balancing in Ayurveda For Cancer.

Since ancient times, people have written about the immune system. It is important in human physiology and health. The ancient texts of Ayurveda also mention that the immune system depends on a person’s lifestyle, on nutrition and following the laws of nature, this is the main position in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of proper lifestyle and nutrition to maintain perfect health.

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of physiology: Vata, Pita and Kapha. Vata has wind as analogy in nature, Pita is fire, Kafa or Kapha is water or earth, i.e. the material nature of man.
And Kapha, basically, controls our immune system and any imbalance in the Kapha area leads to the fact that a person loses his immunity, often begins to get sick and is exposed to infectious, viral, bacterial and other diseases.

That’s why balancing all kinds of physiologies is so important in Ayurveda, or they are also called Dosha in Sanskrit, and especially for the immune system, balancing Kapha is so important. Balancing of types of physiology in Ayurveda or Dosha balance create strong immune system.

The connection between the immune system and our emotions, lifestyle, nutrition, and our environment has all been well described in the book “Our Answer to Cancer.” This book was written by doctors Hari Sharma, Rama Mishra, and James Mede. These doctors are not only doctors, they are Ayurvedic doctors. They were able to describe the connection of physiology, the date of presentation, the connection of our immune system and emotions in such a paragraph. They describe that the science, which is called Psycho Neuro Immune Technology, i.e. psychoneuroimmunology., since this science is quite new, it has such technologies that allow you to capture the connection between the nervous system, mind, feelings and mood and the neuroendocrine system, which play a major role in the prevention and occurrence of diseases.

The Brain’s Role in Immune Control

Immunology means that white cells, blood cells and other cells of the immune system keep our body healthy and do not cause diseases when they are in balance, i.e. psychoneuroimmunology is the science of formal testing, about how our body reacts, for example, to jokes, to actions, both good and bad, and other reactions. How our mind reacts first of all is our neuro – hypothalamus, especially such a fashionable part of the limbic system or amalgam. It surrounds the hypothalamus and reacts to all emotions and is part of their sources. It controls the motivation of behavior, emotions, and sometimes it becomes completely uncontrollable so we cannot control it.

This area is directly connected to the hypothalamus, hypothetically the command post of our brain and the body as a whole. It performs functions such as sending brain signals to our hormones so that they are released and function, taking care that we quench hunger and thirst in a timely manner, regulates blood sugar levels, sleep, and wakefulness. And in addition, this part of the brain is also responsible for anger and happiness, and if any situations arise in our lives which cause these emotions, they immediately send signals to all our hormones and all our organs and body functions. The hypothalamus sends signals to the pituitary gland, which responsible for all hormonal functions of the body. It is connected to endocrine glands and sends signals to them, it has a particularly important connection with the thyroid gland and adrenal glands.

The whole combination of these signals through the endocrine system is very powerful, strong and affects all our organs, which are not even directly connected to them. These organs cause us to have a variety of reactions, instantly change body temperature, emotions, for example, a feeling of thirst, emotions of happiness or hatred, love, and so on.

Neuroimmunology study neuropeptide as these are proteins that the brain sends as signals, they affect our digestion when we eat. If we eat in a calm atmosphere, we are relaxed and have a pleasant environment, friends and we have a pleasant conversation and in such an atmosphere we can better accept, digest food and it will be useful for us. And if, on the contrary, in an unfavorable atmosphere, then food will not be useful for us. Therefore, our environment during meals is of great importance to us, since in Ayurveda digestion is the most important function of the body for health, to maintain harmony and happiness, and most importantly, these signals affect our immune system. This is the connection between emotions and the immune system.

Emotions are associated with a whole army of natural killer cells called interleukins, interferons and all white blood cells. Our brain sends signals to the immune system, and the immune system has its own chemicals that send them back to the brain, such an exchange of information, signals occurs constantly between the brain and the immune system and reflect the slightest changes in behavior, environment, mood, etc. That is, there is constant monitoring of our emotions, our attitude to the environment. The response of the immune system or vice versa, the lack of the immune system explains a lot, in particular the occurrence of cancer, which is now considered a disease of the immune system and means the difference between life and death.

Each person has a small number of carcinogenic cells that run in our body and therefore there is a potential possibility of cancer, although theoretically, it can become a reality under certain conditions. If we have enough natural cells and they are able to destroy these cancer cells, tumor cells without problems, then in this case we are protected and we can be healthy. But if these natural killer cells do not work enough or incorrectly or there are few of them, they do not fulfill their task. That’s why emotions that cause negative reactions in the immune system are one of the most important factors in the occurrence of cancer.

Why do emotions cause depression of the immune system? The fact is that the main cause is the limbic system or part of our brain or amalgam, it produces, i.e. stimulates the production of cortisol, it regulates our response to stress, and chronic stress constantly increases cortisol, which also leads to the destruction of protein in the human body. Cortisol destroys protein in the body in order to extract particles of energy that are not enough in the body, in addition, increased cortisol causes depression of the immune system and this means that we have fewer lymphocytes, natural killer cells and other cells capable of fighting cancer.

The Crucial Role of Epinephrine and Cortisol in Survival Physiology

Another hormone that is powerfully regulated by the limbic system is epinephrine or adrenaline, it is often used in medicine to treat certain diseases, such as asthma, because it has the ability to neutralize some body reactions. It is also produced by the adrenal glands in response to those situations when we are forced to either fight or run away, in these cases the body releases a huge amount of adrenaline and our heart begins to pound harder, our muscles contract, our lungs expand and we are ready to either fight or run away. That is, the body is preparing to mobilize all forces to a person could avoid danger or fight, but he is not able to support other body functions such as digestion and other important functions, since there is no time, strength and energy for this. Therefore, these hormones play a huge role in our lives for our survival, we really need them.

Cortisol is very important in terms of reducing inflammation in the body, we can’t live without it either, so lowering cortisol is also dangerous and the same with adrenaline, it is needed in our lives at times when we are in danger or we need to work hard for some reason and we need to gather all the forces to fight danger or a disease in the body, at these moments it is necessary that everything be enough. We should try to reduce the possibility of such situations, since they are naturally not pleasant, but still at the same time they are necessary, because they help us to realize not only the preservation of our lives.

WE can also realize that somewhere in the future there may be some danger, i.e. we can be careful using this experience of saving our lives in the future. Therefore, it is so important to reduce stress in order to reduce the production of these hormones, sometimes very dangerous, so that they are in balance, not very much or little, to be able to regulate your emotions. For example, you cannot force yourself to be happy, but you can accustom yourself to a regular lifestyle that will help us maintain such a state of balance harmony and create prerequisites for good, pleasant, happy moments in life, such as jokes, music, chatting with friends, those that have a beneficial effect on our mood and therefore affect our immune system, because it increases the number of natural killer cells and other cells of the immune system.

In particular, one case is given when one person found out that he had a very dangerous disease and as an immunologist, he realized that his organs, adrenal glands, etc. were depressed and he decided to help them. To do this, he began to watch a lot of films with his favorite comedian, they made him laugh, pleasant emotions and he recovered and lived more than could be expected with such a disease and the most important thing was his condition, his mood, mind, his attitude and the ability at this tragic moment to change his mood with the help of humor. And not all people are capable of this.

Many people, when they hear tragic events or sad stories, give themselves completely to feelings, sadness, longing, do not want to be distracted by something funny, jokes, music, because they will think that other people will decide that they are insensitive, incapable of empathy. And medicine does not take into account the mood of people, there is no attempt to change a person’s idea of his illness for the better. That this disease also depends on the mind, which is not just a physical accumulation of bad cells, problems with DNA. It’s like some kind of ignorance of society and medicine, which does not allow our science, shows the powerful connection between our mind and body, our brain and the immune system and other body systems.

Authors also say that in Ayurveda there are such tips as maintaining positivity, which reduces cortisol and increases the cells of the immune system, reduces the toxin, the so–called Ama is a term in Ayurveda, which clogs our internal channels. This knowledge helps cleanse the body, and is another reason to use it for cancer and other diseases. Positivity, in addition, can increase Ojas – this is a term in Ayurveda is the energy of life that coordinates all activity in our body at the most subtle level of our body, including at the gene level. It can also lead to the fact that the human disease itself, if it has increased in the body, can decrease and disappear.

Cellular Memory and Meditation: Ayurvedic Insights into Disease Prevention

In Ayurveda, there is also a concept – pragiaparat. This is an error of the intellect, this concept assumes that when the intellect forgets something, there is an organism’s memory and it is recorded in the intellect of our body, and at those moments when the intellect forgets this memory of our higher consciousness, there is a great risk of diseases, in particular cancer, because it affects our DNA. There is even a Western theory that cancer is a problem with DNA that performs some kind of task. Ayurveda also confirms that DNA is a manifestation of intelligence, our consciousness. And of course toxins, internal or external, they can cause an error of intelligence, but this happens not only from an error of intelligence, but also from an error of intelligence in the cells themselves, says Ayurveda.

How can this cell remember the intelligence of our consciousness? Technologies such as meditation, in particular Transcendental Meditation, can increase the memory capacity of the cell of this intelligence. That is, the memorization of the cell of the intelligence of our consciousness and therefore reduces the possibility of intellectual error. For those who want to reduce any possibility of such an intellectual error, it is very important to use meditation techniques to reduce the risk and increase Ojas.

Ayurveda recommends, in order to end depression, getting up early in the morning when the sun is just rising, taking a walk and this walk at sunrise is a powerful way to wake up our cells and get this Ojas energy.
It is increasing lymphocytes and reduce cortisol when we walk at this time and look at the rising sun, but not directly, because the sun’s rays can damage our eyes, our vision, but we can look away.
This sun is a wonderful phenomenon of nature, firstly, it is very emotionally charged and causes pleasure, love and joy and also saves our lives, because the sun is the savior of our lives, the sun that rises every day and wakes us and all nature to a new life, and everything at this moment in nature full of energy and joy. Birds and trees wake up in an atmosphere of happiness and energy in the air and all this reduces the error of intelligence in our cells. That’s why a sunrise walk is considered a therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda. Strangely enough, this is not just a pleasure, but it is prescribed by doctors and specialists in Ayurveda both as a remedy and as a means of preventing all diseases and should be one of the basic rules of our life.

When a person thinks about cancer, he does not want to just deal with prevention or even risk reduction, he just wants to take some kind of supplement or medicine, because he is in fear, he needs to think about what to take. Naturally, it is advisable to take something natural to reduce the toxic load on the body, which is already toxic at this time. As a rule, sometimes this is not enough, it depends on the treatment, on which doctor and what he chooses. But a warning is absolutely necessary, if there are presupposing factors for the development of diseases, especially cancer, then a warning is absolutely necessary. And taking pills makes a person feel reassured that he has done something that may help him. It is advisable that we take herbs that help our liver work better, purify the blood, increase our resistance to stress, improve the absorption of nutrients, nutrients in our body, in food, and so on.

Enhancing Immunity with Maharishi Ayurveda Supplements

In Maharishi Ayurveda, there are supplements such as bio-immune pills (Bio-Immune), which are a good way to strengthen the immune system. They contain zinc, mica – these are Ayurveda substances and there are also some pearls. The list of these substances is long, but the main component is Ashwagandha or winter cherry.
Ashwagandha is a famous Ayurvedic herb that is considered an adaptogen, that is, it helps to increase resistance to stress, it also gives energy and energy is equivalent in Ayurveda to immunity. That’s why Ashwagandha is one of the main drugs, that is, herbs to improve the immune system. There are also other components that stimulate the immune system or balance it, also cleanse the body of AMA, toxins. One of them is typosphora, cordidulia extract. Typosphora also has such a name – guduchi, known for having a very strong effect on the immune system. Ginger, holy basil, long pepper, black pepper and other spices are important for cleansing and balancing the body.
Doctors recommend taking one or two tablets after breakfast and before going to bed and taking them for three months. Ayurveda supplements require long–term use for sufficient effect, because they help slowly but surely. These products are available in our company – Maharishi Ayurveda Product International in several countries including India.

This is a combination of lifestyle, attitude to life, positivity and also the use of such additives that increase the number of natural cells and also walking in the morning, laughter and positivity, which also increase the number of natural cells. All this was developed by science many, many millennia ago by our ancestors in order for us to be healthy, and all this was stated not only orally, but also recorded later. And now we can read some of the ancient texts restored by Ayurveda. And now we can prove the connection between these ancient recommendations and the latest scientific achievements, such as cases of psychoneuroimmunology.

Of course, in the future we may see even that these recommendations are absolutely correct, although at first glance they may not be completely clear or even strange, insufficient, because we believe that in order to live, we need something completely new, from new technologies, and this is already outdated, this It doesn’t fit anymore. For example, there is a point of view, even among doctors, that the recommendations of Ayurveda were valuable only in the past, because then people lived in an ideal environment, everything was fine around, clean air, everyone was happy and it was very easy to use all these recommendations. And now it doesn’t work anymore, now there are other times and we need to do it differently, that is, with the help of the latest achievements of science and technology.

In fact, these laws of nature cannot be changed and time does not change them, our body has been obeying these laws of nature for many millennia and all this is programmed to fulfill these laws by nature and violation of the laws of nature naturally affects us and leads to diseases, regardless of whether we know about them or not. Of course, such an ancient science as Ayurveda allows us to learn about it, so if we want to know more and we can read now, because this science has been restored after a long oblivion, almost lost, and we can conduct scientific research to prove that they really take place. And we can reintroduce them into our lives, in particular to improve our immune system, to prevent cancer and other diseases of the immune system. And also so that we can live in the fullness of the life of our consciousness and be able to realize all the goals of our life.

What has really changed now is the level of toxicity in the human environment and it must be reduced and purified from the body. This is also due to Ayurveda with detoxification methods and Panchakarma – body cleansing procedures in stationary conditions with the help of special massage with oils and herbs, as well as special cleansing procedures for various organs. It is recommended to do that sometimes, but you need to support yourself constantly at home with the help of home procedures, correct nutrition and lifestyle in accordance with the type of human mind and body and its imbalance.

People like Kapha are especially susceptible to cancer due to the fact that Kapha regulates the growth of the body and cells as well as the entire immune system. If a person has an imbalance of Kapha in the body, the possibility of tumors occurrence increases even more. Without a correct approach to nutrition, environment and lifestyle, they can lead to cancer.

We can gradually introduce better nutrition to balance Kapha with the help of Ayurvedic recommendations that are individual for each person, But mainly it is a reduction in heavy food as well as too rich in fats and carbohydrates, you can temporarily switch to light or even vegetarian food or simply reduce the quantity of meat, especially red in the diet. But at the same time you need to avoid excessive amounts of greens, which some experts recommend because greens reduce the level of fire – the power of digestion in the body, and with an imbalance of Kapha, weak digestion is the main cause of stagnation and toxicity.

If possible, it is necessary to check the functioning of the thyroid glands, the weakness of which contributes to stagnation and poor digestion. It is better to do this using alternative methods since conventional tests are not always adequate. Please, contact us if you would like to have assessment of your type of body and recommendations for balancing of Doshas in physiology for prevention and complimentary healing of cancer and other immune system problems. We can also help you to find best tests and protocols for balancing other types of systems in the mind and body. Many lab tests are available now for self-ordering and can be shown to experts and doctors.

Disclaimer: The information in the article should not be considered medical advice. The information is educational and does not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment. Always check with your physician before taking any products or following any advice you have read.