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Our services include individual consultations and special packages for different programs. Please, let us know what area of health, wellness and stress management is interested you.

Ayurveda is ancient but the same time modern knowledge of whole life: style of life, food and development of mind and body. Those who follow Ayurveda recommendations life according to Law of Nature and therefore they are supported by whole power of Nature. All their desires fulfilled and they enjoy great health, prosperity and happiness.

Initial Ayurveda consultation includes pulse reading, identification of body type and imbalances of mind and body with help of special forms and recommendations. We can recommend natural healing procedures and high quality supplements if needed to correct imbalances and relieve stress. We can help with balancing of physiology for anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, weight problems, insomnia and other symptoms of imbalanced physiology in natural way. We also can teach meditation and Yoga Asana.

Working hours from 10 am to 1 pm US Eastern Time.

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