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Alternative healing from addiction disorders.

Treatment for addiction now is going beyond detoxification, psychological canceling and psychiatric medicines. Though sometimes already known medicine showed up as promising remedy for addictions.
For example, Baclofen drug that is used as muscle relaxer and an anti-spastic agent can be useful for treatment of addiction. It is made from GABA (neurotransmitter of the brain) and supports GABA neurotransmitter in physiology. Another medicine that is increasing endorphins is helpful for some types of addictions too. It is called Naltrexone or Vivitrol and it is used in low doses.

Julia Ross described effective treatment of addictions with amino acid therapy which improve depression and OSD related to it. Usually it is few amino acids like L- tryptophan or 5-HTP, GABA, DL- phenylalanine or D- phenylalanine, L-glutamine. They should be taken in increasing doses to archive better state of mood and diminish dependence from toxic substances or behavior (binge eating, anorexia, obsessive shopping, games, etc). Other option are Lithium orotate protocol by Dr. Jonathan White. Recently CBD hemp oil also showed great results as addiction help.

However, all of these treatments may not be enough because nervous system after such treatments will be still imbalanced and may cause return of the symptoms after some stress. Also, person who stopped his addiction still have high Pitta (Fire) substance in his physiology and it will cause problems with metabolism on physical and mental levels. For example, it is known that person who stopped drinking too much of alcohol may have fanatical mental state long after that.
Balancing could be done with Ayurveda detox and balancing therapy for nervous system and metabolism to eliminate the root of addiction. Every person who had addiction will have imbalance in the metabolism as well due to long term intake of toxins. Support for reduction of stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety is available in Ayurveda with help of supplements too.

After that, if person would like to eliminate addiction totally and became really healthy in harmony of mind, body and spirit he/she should work on a very deep level and introduce law of nature in his life through Ayurveda. It is mean change of lifestyle according to rhythms of nature and introduction of food that will give real energy and health. In addition to that, every person should eat according to his/ her type of physiology to gain full balance in physiology and total health.