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Brain -Spotting and Ancestors Constellation

Brain -Spotting and Ancestors Constellation

We have added modern techniques to release deep traumatic events that cause problems at the level of the body and mind. It is include Brain- Spotting technique and Ancestors Constellation
workshops. Many people do not realize that stress in the childhood leaves a deeper mark on the subconscious than in adulthood. Since children especially newborns do not have a developed nervous immune and endocrine system then stress can cause long term side effects.

But they are obscured and hidden under a layer of consciousness that develops later. Sometimes a person he says that he never had any negative events but later during the session he remembers that he heard adult arguments or just noise. This can leave a deep mark in the brain. Even physical stress as a result of falling or hunger or cold can leave a traumatic mark. Brain -Spotting technique can help to reduce and gradually eliminate those marks from brain and finally lead to better mental and physical health.

Ancestral Constellation have not previously done and now we want to offer it to everyone. The fact is that there are studies showing that a person’s position in the family can change under the influence of trauma and he can take on a role that is not peculiar to him. Or there is a conflict between his interests and the influence of the environment and it can be turned out that during the session.

One can discover a a hidden reservoir of traumatic experiences forgotten. It was often the case and we have spoken with many people who thought so too and did not know that their illness is attributable to stress in the childhood. One woman recently told us that she defended her thesis on stress and found out about their trauma in childhood has only recently although her father was an alcoholic and regularly abused her mother. She was even more surprised when we told her that her severe endometriosis is associated with trauma in the childhood also. She did 6 surgeries because of it and could not have children.

Chronic severe stress constantly elevated cortisol from fear and excitement cause imbalance in women’s bodies and an autoimmune reaction in it. What a
pity they didn’t get help from Ayurveda or other unconventional methods of healing. Virtually all diseases have a connection to mind and consciousness
and not just with the body. Medicine can’t help with this yet, although now began such attempts but they are few. And how many children are still in a state of severe stress and trauma can get help? Sad that we can’t help everyone however, for those who want to get help please, contact us now.

Now we also use the following modalities – Ayurveda balancing of dosha that is responsible for trauma accumulation and yoga movements for resistance to
stress and reducing trauma. We invite you to coaching with phycologist or health coach to have just a friendly conversation can help to many people
to relieve stress and trauma too. Let us know through message here and we will be glad to work with you!